IoT Industry & Blockchain

IoT industry is in extreme need for a secure, decentralized system to manage the tremendous amount of data, protect the devices from potential security attacks, and integrate the daily life with IoT industry. Many of the current projects developed to combine IoT and blockchain are focused on creating an IoT ecosystem on blockchain. However, the projects miss out on the most important aspect of IoT industry: IoT security. Smart Rhino team shares the patented technology that NBIT, inc. has developed. Smart Rhino focuses on developing an ecosystem for IoT companies to manage their devices in a secure network through our self-developed software and hardware. The team consists people from the best educational background with diverse experiences. From full-stack developers, cyber-security developers, and to a strong legal team, Smart Rhino thrives for a world where IoT security and blockchain will impact the daily lives of people.


Smart Rhino's Vision

Leading the Future

Smart Rhino envisions that IoT industry will practically lead the fourth industrial revolution together with blockchain. Our team is constantly coming up with ideas to make sure that future comes true.


Making sure that our services are user friendly is the Dev Team's main focus.

IoT Security

Security is the main factor that will determine which IoT projects can survive in this saturated market. We ensure IoT security through the partnership with NBIT.



Smart Rhino DApp / Private Blockchain

Smart Rhino DEV team is considering multiple options to provide the blockchain back-end to create the ecosystem that we envision. Our team will provide a DApp service on a scalable mainnet or a side chain of a scalable mainnet by early 2020.

Token Availability (RNO)

Smart Rhino's native token (RNO) will be available on this coming week. Smart Rhino's team plans to list the RNO token on more major exchanges by mid 2020.


Backed by Patented Technology

Smart Rhino partnered with NBIT,inc. to share the patents they have developed to create a IoT-based blockchain system.

While NBIT was focused on the hardware/software aspect of IoT security, Smart Rhino is focused on providing a link between their technology and blockchain.


Token Distribution

Smart Rhino (RNO) will have its first global launch through Global Top 10 Exchange